Adopt-a-Creek Agreement

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    Up to two years from Adoption start date
  • Adopt-a-Creek Agreement

    Keep Austin Beautiful, Watershed Protection Department (WPD), the City of Austin, and the adopting organization, hereinafter called “Group”, recognize the need and the desirability of a litter-free environment and enter this Agreement to promote riparian health and maintain clean creeks and waterways within the City of Austin.

    By signing below, the Group acknowledges the potentially hazardous nature of this work and agrees, individually and as a Group, to the following terms and conditions:
    • The Group shall adopt a section of creek agreed upon by Keep Austin Beautiful, WPD, and the Group as described below.
    • The Group shall adopt at least a quarter mile of creek for a period of two years.
    • The Group agrees to conduct at least four (4) workdays per year along the adopted creek segment. The Group is encouraged to hold one workday during the month of April to coincide with Keep Austin Beautiful Day.
    • The Group agrees to obey and abide by all city and state laws and regulations relating to safety and/or special terms and conditions required by a particular creek.
    • The Group agrees to furnish adequate supervision for any participants under the age 18.
    • The Group agrees to clearly communicate Keep Austin Beautiful’s safety guidelines to all participants and have participants sign Keep Austin Beautiful's liability waiver at every cleanup event.
    • The Group shall appoint a representative to serve as a spokesperson for the Group, and provide Keep Austin Beautiful with this representative’s contact information.
    • The Group shall request project supplies and trash collection at least 2 weeks prior to each cleanup date.
    • The Group shall be responsible for confirming with Keep Austin Beautiful the most appropriate method of disposing of collected litter.
    • The Group agrees to submit a project report after each event that details, to the best of The Group's ability, metrics accomplished at the workday
    • The Group shall be responsible for prohibiting participants from possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages while participating in the cleanup.
    • The Group shall be responsible for providing for the safety and welfare (i.e. maintain a first-aid kit, adequate drinking water, etc) of each person participating in the cleanup.
    • The Group acknowledges its subscription to the quarterly Adopt-a-Creek Rambler online newsletter.
    Keep Austin Beautiful and Watershed Protection

    Department agree to the following terms and conditions:
    • Keep Austin Beautiful shall work with the Group to determine the section of the creek to be adopted.
    • Keep Austin Beautiful and WPD will work together to manufacture and install an official Adopt-a-Creek tile at a specified point along the adopted creek with the Group’s name or acronym. The exact location of the tile and the exact wording of the sign will be agreed upon by KAB, WPD, and the Group.
    • Keep Austin Beautiful will provide the group with supplies and trash collection, if needed. Supplies should be requested 3 weeks in advance via the Cleanup Request Form.

    Release from Liability:
    As a representative of the Group, I hereby release, discharge and further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Keep Austin Beautiful, Inc., Watershed Protection Department (WPD), and the City of Austin and any agents, employees, officers, directors, contractors and successors of the above mentioned organizations from any and all claims, losses, damages, demands, causes of action, suits and liability of every kind arising out of, connected to, or resulting from the activity, including without limitation, and claim for loss, damage or destruction of property, or injury (including death), regardless of whether such loss arises in whole or in part from the negligence of Keep Austin Beautiful, WPD, their officers, employees, agents, directors, contractors, or successors for any loss arising out of, connected to, or resulting from this activity.
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