Adopt-a-Creek Renewal Agreement

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to taking care of Austin’s creeks! If you would like to renew your Adopt-a-Creek agreement for another two years, please complete the below information so we can update our records.
  • Contact Information

  • Alternate Contact Information

  • Please remember:

    • Your group agrees to extend your adoption by at least two (2) years.
    • If you are no longer your group's contact person, please notify Keep Austin Beautiful and confirm the new contact person's information.
    • Your group must agree to organize four (4) workdays in your adopted creek segment per year.
    • The City of Austin's Watershed Protection Department will provide an Adopt-a-Creek tile with your group's name. Please contact us if you have not yet had a tile placed, or if it has been removed/ damaged.
    • Keep Austin Beautiful will provide your group with supplies and trash collection, if needed. Supplies should be requested 3 weeks in advance via the Cleanup Request Form, which can be found at
    • Keep Austin Beautiful and Watershed Protection Department staff are available to assist you in planning restoration projects at your creek.
    • You will be subscribed to the Adopt-a-Creek Rambler quarterly online newsletter.
    • You will be informed of and encouraged to attend Adopt-a-Creek leader trainings.