Teaching youth about urban ecology and our natural environment and guiding them in outdoor exploration is easy with Activity Kits stocked with supplies and an easy-to-follow lesson plan. Kits are available for checkout at no cost. The activity kits come with an easy-to-follow lesson plan, background information, and all the supplies needed to complete the hands-on activities. As an added perk, participants who complete a service project and an Activity Kit lesson earn an “I Keep Austin Beautiful” patch!

To request an Activity Kit, simply complete the Activity Kit Request Form. We’ll confirm your reservation and pickup time (pickups & returns are Monday – Friday, by appointment). Then you are all set to pick up the Activity Kits from the Keep Austin Beautiful office. After your event, return the Activity Kits, complete a Report Form, and send photos to share your success.

Activity Kits are designed to complement each other in a given unit. Please feel free to mix and match.

Generation Zero Waste

made possible by Austin Resource Recovery

  • Recycle Relay — Practice sorting trash and discover what makes up our waste-stream with this recycling relay game.
  • Compost Critters — Explore the science of composting and investigate a vermicomposting bin for worms and other microbes.
  • Landfill Logic — Compare and contrast characteristics of waste, what’s in our trash, and how trash is processed in a landfill while building mini landfill models.

Service Opportunities: litter cleanup

Water Quality
  • Watershed Model — Find the watershed you live in, identify pollutants that affect it, and how you can take action to protect it.
  • Litter Lifeline — Discover how long common litter items take to decompose in our environment.
  • Aquatic Bugs — Explore the physical and chemical characteristics of a healthy waterway with this field kit for both chemical water testing and aquatic bug exploration.

Service Opportunities: litter cleanup, seedball kit

  • Outdoor Adventure — Activities to complement a nature hike and raise awareness of the outdoors including birding and wildflower identification.
  • Wildlife Tracking — Recognize common animals living in Austin watersheds by exploring their habitat, tracks, scat and photos. Make your own track with included track molds
  • Tree-mendous Trees — Discover common tree species growing in Austin and the many ways people utilize trees in their everyday lives.
  • Seedballs — Beautify a local school or park while learning the value of planting natives by making seed balls with clay, soil, and native seeds.

Service Opportunities: tree planting, restoration project, seedball kit

  • Insect Investigation — Collect, observe, and identify insects and their characteristics, identify the various stages of an insect’s lifecycle, and explore the role of bugs in garden and compost piles;
  • Soil Science — Investigate the soil under our feet, what its composition is and why we should work to protect it.
  • Plant Propagation — coming soon

Service Opportunities: tree planting