Site Leader Registration and Project Submission

To register to be a Site Leader for Keep Austin Beautiful Day, you will need to submit your project on the Keep Austin Beautiful Day GivePulse page. Once you click the “Submit Project” button in the top right-hand corner of the website, you will be prompted to answer questions about the project you’d like to lead. After you have submitted your project, Keep Austin Beautiful staff will review your submission and you will get an email either requesting additional information or letting you know your project has been approved.

To learn more about how to submit your project, watch our “Submit Your Keep Austin Beautiful Day Project” video.

Important Dates

Jan. 26th: Site Leader registration opens

Mar. 2nd: Volunteer registration opens

Mar. 17th: Site Leader registration closes

Apr. 1st: New Site Leader Training Webinar (6:30 pm -7:30 pm)

Apr. 14th – 18th: Supplies pickup

Apr. 18th: Keep Austin Beautiful Day 2020 & volunteer party!

Apr. 21st – 23rd: Supplies return

Volunteer Registration Information

All Keep Austin Beautiful Day volunteers will have to register on GivePulse for the site they are interested in serving at. It is highly encouraged that volunteers sign up to serve before arriving at the project site, but walk-up volunteers can still register to serve.

Each individual must sign Keep Austin Beautiful’s liability waiver, so volunteers cannot register in groups. However, adults may register minors that will be volunteering with them.


What does it mean to be a Site Leader?

Keep Austin Beautiful Day couldn’t happen without Site Leaders – superstar volunteers that go above and beyond to guide volunteers during projects. Site Leaders truly own the projects they lead and act as representatives of Keep Austin Beautiful. Serving as a Site Leader for Keep Austin Beautiful Day is a wonderful way to give back to your community and help others give back as well.

What are the responsibilities of a Site Leader?

Before the event, Site Leaders will submit their project on the Keep Austin Beautiful Day GivePulse page, participate in an online training, recruit volunteers for their project, communicate with volunteers about project details, and pickup supplies from the Keep Austin Beautiful office.

During Keep Austin Beautiful Day, Site Leaders welcome volunteers at the beginning of the event, sign in all volunteers, distribute supplies, and assist volunteers throughout the project.

After the project is over, Site Leaders fill out a report form, return supplies to the Keep Austin Beautiful office, check to make sure trash bags were collected from their project site, and send pictures to Keep Austin Beautiful staff.

What kinds of projects can I do as part of Keep Austin Beautiful Day?

Keep Austin Beautiful can primarily support trash cleanups and habitat restoration projects. If you are interested in doing a different type of project for Keep Austin Beautiful Day, please contact us at for more information.

How do I know how many volunteers my project will need?

The number of volunteers needed to complete a project varies based on the location and type of project. Cleanups can engage larger groups, typically 20-40, for the duration on the project. Smaller groups of 10-30 volunteers are ideal for habitat restoration projects, depending on the area the project is in. If you have additional questions about the number of volunteers to estimate, email for more information.

Do I need to provide supplies for my project?
Due to the recent announcement by city and county leaders to prohibit public gatherings of more than 10 people until May 1, Keep Austin Beautiful Day will be postponed until the fall of 2020. Read more here.

Keep Austin Beautiful has a variety of tools and cleanup supplies that will be made available for Site Leaders. We do have a limited quantity of resources that have to distributed to over 100 sites for Keep Austin Beautiful Day, so you may get fewer tools than you initially requested. To ensure you have all the supplies you need for your project, you can ask your volunteers to bring any resources they own that may be helpful for the project (work gloves, hand tools, etc.)

Who do I contact with additional questions?

For more information, email Emily Kraeske, Community Engagement Coordinator, at

We will also be hosting a live webinar for new site leaders on April 1st, as well as post an updates & refresher video for veteran Site Leaders and host an online Q&A sessions closer to Keep Austin Beautiful Day to answer more specific questions.