Biodiversity in Central Texas

Biodiversity is a measure of the living things (plants, animals, bacteria, humans) within a particular region or ecosystem. The measure is also used to determine the amount of variety among living things. We can even measure the biodiversity on the scale of the planet earth!  We evaluate how biologically diverse an area is by counting…

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worms and dirt in pair of hands

Composting with worms

Compost is decomposed organic material, made up of materials like leaves, shredded twigs, and plant-based kitchen scraps.* But it takes more than organic material to create quality compost. We need decomposers as well. While many composts rely on decomposers like fungus, bacteria, and various invertebrates, there are many different composting methods. Compositing with worms, also…

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Earth Day At Home

Celebrate Earth Day by cleaning, beautifying, and learning right where you are! Earth Day at home was not something we anticipated but we can still celebrate. Check out the resources for fun and creative activities to do with the whole family. Keep Austin Beautiful At Home We understand the need for continued learning, awareness, and…

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keep austin beautiful at home

Keeping Austin Beautiful At Home

Our resource page has moved!This page is no longer being updated. Check out our new At-Home Learning page below.At-Home Learning Keep Austin Beautiful encourages you to clean, beautify, and educate right where you are! We understand the need for continued learning, awareness, and action during this ever-changing time and are doing our best to adapt…

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food scraps in an outdoor compost bin

What is compost and why does it matter?

Compost is decomposed organic material that is made up of material such as leaves, shredded twigs, and kitchen scraps from plants. When you add compost to clay soils, it is easier to work and plant. When you add it to sandy soils, the compost improves the water holding capacity of the soil. Adding organic matter…

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