Keep Austin Beautiful’s Clean Creek Campus Digital Toolkit is designed to be a resource for educators who have participated in our educational programming to further their efforts in bringing environmental literacy to the classroom. We are including resources that incorporate technology and various forms of media so as to help make learning accessible and to showcase how our electronic devices can be tools for learning and citizen science.

See below for lesson plans, apps, and other resources to use in your classroom!


Lesson Plans

Below are a number of lesson plans to be used as extensions to our Clean Creek Campus curriculum. These activities cover topics of water quality, litter abatement, biodiversity, and pollinators. While optional, many of these incorporate tablet or computer technology to enhance the lesson and allow students to participate in locally relevant citizen science projects.

  • Digital Toolkit Lesson Plan – Litter (.docx, PDF, .xlsx)
  • Digital Toolkit Lesson Plan – Watershed (.docx, PDF, .xlsx)
  • Digital Toolkit Lesson Plan – Native Plants (.docx, PDF)
  • Digital Toolkit Lesson Plan – Monarchs (.docx, PDF)


Below is a list of apps that can be paired with classroom activities. If there are any applications that you have found to be awesome in the classroom that are not on this list please let us know!

Plant Identification
  • iNaturalist – Record your observations, share with fellow naturalists, and discuss your findings.
    • Seek by iNaturalist – Take your nature knowledge up a notch with Seek! Use the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals all around you.
  • PlantSnap – Snap pics to identify plants and flowers.
  • Litterati – Identify and map the litter around you.
  • Texas Invasives – Use the Invaders App to report invasive species in Texas and learn how they affect the local ecosystem.


Below is a list of professional opportunities for teachers, programs for students, and resources for developing projects on campus.

For Students
For Teachers
Grant Opportunities



Below is a list of educational resources, including databases, free curriculum, podcasts, videos, and online games.

Water & Climate


Know of any other great resources we should add? Let us know!