Generation Zero Waste is a free youth education program, created in partnership with Austin Resource Recovery. The program engages K-12 students in three TEKS-aligned educational and interactive activities that raise awareness about recycling, composting, and conservation while giving students simple solutions for reducing their waste. The curriculum is divided into grade levels – K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th , and 9th-12th – with a different focus for each.

  • K-2nd: lessons focus on teaching students about sorting waste, emphasizing the differences between landfill trash, recycling, and composting
  • 3rd-5th:  lessons center around the composition of trash and recycling beyond the basics, integrating math and social studies concepts.
  • 6th-12thlessons explore the intricacies of our waste streams and builds a complex understanding of landfills and recycling systems.

All Generation Zero programming is provided free of charge.

Zero Waste Champion Award

The Zero Waste Champion Award recognizes a Generation Zero school exhibiting a commitment to zero waste and sustainability on their campus.  The winning school receives a cash prize, and is recognized at a campus press event and a University of Texas at Austin home football game!

The 2019 Generation Zero Waste Champion was Blanton Elementary School! Read more about their efforts here.

Blanton Elementary School, Bleed Orange Live Green, AISD


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