A large-scale initiative to Beautify Austin – one community at a time.

We are ramping up all our efforts in targeted geographic zones for three months at a time with follow-up projects for a one year period. By working in, with, and for communities, we hope to transform them from the outside in. Projects range from planting trees, to sowing native seeds, organizing large-scale cleanups, removing invasive species, and installing gardens. Beautify Austin, a bigger, more sustainable, more targeted focus!

March 2017 – May 2017: Sims Elementary School

sims elementary plan
children working on school lawn

Over three months we will be creating a beautiful native rain garden to help mitigate flooding, beautify the school campus, provide food sources for native pollinators and serve as an interactive learning tool for Sims students. The rain garden installation is possible in partnership with Keep Austin Beautiful, Sims Elementary School, UT Engineering students, Environmental and Water Resources Institute Austin Chapter and City of Austin Watershed Protection Department. Learn more about rain gardens.

sims elementary before after front view
sims elementary rain garden before after

December 2016-February 2017: Paredes Middle School

paredes school update plans

Keep Austin Beautiful will be focusing on installing a permaculture garden. With the help of the school community, volunteers and eagle scouts, we are planning to completely transform the garden into a space that is low maintenance, highly accessible and fruitful!

paredes middle school before and after

The project started with creating berms and swales where there were once raised bed gardens in order to passively capture water in the garden, pictured above. Gutters on the tool shed and chicken coop will be installed to collect rain water to sustain gardens during the drier months. The plan also includes adding a meditation garden for students to regroup and cool down during the more stressful moments in school. When complete the garden will be a place to educate, to meditate and to snack on wild foods, creating a sustainable and usable space.

Recent Follow Up Project: Barbara Jordan Elementary School

barbara jordan elementary before and after

The library garden at Barbara Jordan Elementary got a complete face lift this fall during the Beautify Austin follow up projects. The garden was tamed into a space with a delineated pathway lined with manicured and mulched trees. The garden now also touts a healthy pond with mosquito fish, an outdoor classroom area that has now been preserved for years to come with frosty waterproof paint and new native plants that will survive happily on a low maintenance diet perfectly suited for a busy school community.

Previous Beautify Austin locations:Quail Creek Park, East Williamson Creek, and Barbara Jordan Elementary School.

Proposals for future Beautify Austin sites are currently being accepted.